28 Feb 2011

Back in Plaid

7 months since I left Northern BC and came back home and now I’ve finally gotten to see the fruits of our labors! Labours? hmm. It was such a treat to finally get to see the DocJam episodes (and they didn’t interfere with the Oscars thankfully… didn’t I look soo good on the red carpet? Look forward to the Black Swan infused DocJam… We’ll get weird with it.

It’s been about 7 months since I last did a docjam blog… so excuse me if I’m a little rusty. (Rusty from what? Talking about food? That’s all I really did.) so I guess I’ll start where I know how: For breakfast I had JUST KIDDING!! why would I discuss delicious mini wheats with full fat milk when I can gossip about DocJam in Terrace and Dawson Creek!

Although I was almost expecting both episodes to be 20somethingminute long (and marvelous) time lapses, since we did take so many, everything flowed together so nicely that I was a little jealous that I couldn’t sit and watch as they edited everything… But then again on second thought I would probably have died having to watch myself stutter and feed through a hundred terrabytes of me whining and trying to make people feel less uncomfortable around me. (Sorry I kept rubbing your teeth, sir.)  Geez.. Even my writing comes across as nervous socially-unacceptable friend-making. Dear DocJam: feel free to fire me. But remember – I get 100% of the net profit my face on t-shirts makes. wiiiink.

Back to the Jam (yum): I Love the intro scenes. For me, watching the episodes is more like watching a video yearbook or something since it just reminds me of everything that we did that day, setting up for the shots, what the full interview – unedited – was like, and everything that went along with it. Sigh. Reminiscent. Favorite part of DocJam Dawson Creek: probably when I could see my reflection in the sunglasses during the interview out at the pipe line.  Yes – I am that self-obsessed.  Also I looked cool in a jean jacket which is kind of a big deal. In both cases, it’s really just so enjoyable to see all these slightly familiar faces again.  I hope everyone in Terrace and DocJam enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed filming with everyone. In the Terrace episode – I was SO glad when they kept the part with the gun fire in the background during the interview with Richard because that was so hilarious when it actually happened so seeing it again put a smile on my face. DocJam was by far the best thing that could have happened to me.  Not to mention it allowed me to meet some of my favorite people, and that I still get to keep in touch with them and be apart of the DocJam experience… It’s really just icing on a big delicious cupcake. oh snap. I want pie. But to be frank (hot dogs?!) I really just want to have all of the footage from all 20 days of this journey because half an hour isn’t enough to tell a story about how wonderful these two towns can be and how many stories each person we met had to tell. I think it’s excellent that there are going to be further episodes of DocJam because I can’t wait to see these stories again in the future. So many wonderful people we met, and even a couple that invited us to their family BBQ! (We went. it was excellent.) So thank you to everyone for making DocJam the perfect prologue for the new chapters in my life. I’m excited to be back! and probably fired! But then I’ll be back again because I’m like that!

PS- I’m still homeless.

  • Cathers Kim

    you should go see my auntie ann who is the school principle in terrace! shes amazing, and my cousins toooooooo!

  • Anonymous

    Great, thanks Kim!

  • Pip

    Jezz got asked for his autograph in Tim Hortons today. We are spreading the word about the second airing on March 13 ..

  • Anonymous

    Pip! That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!!