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17 Feb 2011

It’s DocJam Time

Welcome to DocJam!  We’re pretty excited because on February 27 2pm LOCAL TIME the long-awaited DocJam pilots will air on CFTK in Terrace and CJDC in Dawson Creek.  We’re hoping to engage you all as part of our DocJam community to generate some discussion about these first two shows: Dawson Creek – A Changing Landscape; and Terrace – Up the Ladder.   These are the forerunners for our series of  documentaries that reflect the amazing people and places of Terrace and and Dawson Creek.  During our filming on location, we  have met incredible people who have shared wonderful stories and experiences with us – all of which makes our experience memorable and enjoyable as we continue to learn about what it is to live in the North. And whether it’s in and around Terrace or Dawson Creek, the landscapes are extraordinary and diverse.  Our biggest challenge has been deciding on where to point the camera since there is no lack of beautiful vistas to photograph or time-lapse.   Please let us know what you think about the shows – and if you have any ideas for upcoming stories, please let us know that too. We look forward to hearing from you …


The DocJam Crew (Patricia, Zo, Ben, Adrien, Keri, Jess, Cecia, Sue)

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18 Jan 2011

DOCJAM AIR DATES Feb 27 & Mar 13 2PM!

On Feb 27th and March 13th at 2PM  the first two DocJam episodes will  have their world premiere on CFTK in Terrace and CJDC in Dawson Creek.

These first two shows are the pilots for the series and represent a sampling of the characters and stories we will be featuring in the episodes that will be airing in the weeks ahead.

Please check back soon!

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05 Dec 2010

Flight AC 8071

I’ve only been “home” for 6 hours and already yesterday feels like so long ago. Monday was our last day for shooting and we got an early start. We began with an interview with photographer artist Don Pettit. He was wonderful. Such a lovely, kind and talented man. After Don we met with the Mayor, Mike, who was super rad and friendly and played in a hair metal-esque band in the 80s so i instantly liked him. After the Mayor interview with had one with Encana Oil and Gas which was incredibly interesting. The man, Bryan, took us for a little tour and took us out to a multi-wellhead site (proper name = not in my vocabulary) and told us lots about how the natural gas industry works and then he took us out to a compressor that isn’t yet in service so it was brand spankin’ new. prettyyyy coooool! THEN after Bryan we met Ryan who runs the Encana Events Center and he gave us a little tour of that area, by which time i was so sleepy and over heating that Patty did most of the work for that one. They have a sweet pool!

After all our interviews we went back to the hotel and rested up for a bit before dinner… Went to Solas for our final meal and all had either steaks or…half chickens…? it was lovely and hearty and so much fun. and drinks! After dinner the sun was just in the middle of setting and the whole sky was pink and gorgeous so we went out for one last team time lapse which was awesome. then went back to the hotel around 10 and pack pack packed. Unfortunately the hotel didn’t have any good trinkets to take home, i.e soaps, bedding, remotes, lamps, so i just stuck with the shower cap and mending kit from terrace. After we finished packing we had some drinks and watched time lapses and looked through pictures and were sassy cats (what? no we weren’t.) until late then I watched the worst movie in the world – All About Steve- and went to sleep way too late.

Got up squirrely early on Tuesday (this morning) and put the finishing touches on my giant suitcase full of bricks and solid gold bars apparently. then we ate and hit the road. We went to the Charlie Lake Cave and took our last few shots and sat in the cave, which is 14,000 years old, and amazing. Then we hit the road again and dropped off our rental vehicle and went to the airport. where luck was on our side because the scale was broken so they couldn’t charge us for our (my) overweight bags. SCORE! heh heh heh. Flights were typical and i had a bagel that was super fresh and yummy and soooo buttery. it was drowning and i was loving every minute. mmmm. budderr.

I miss the crew already. I cried. Because I am a nancy and now no one will get all my joke references and understand all the nonsense I spout off…. I MISS MY TEAM ! TALENT WANTS BACK IN!!!!

But I am going to drop back in on them in their office when I’m in town. And they are going to be hearing my voice for the next 2 months so I’m sure they won’t miss me at all after they start editing the hundreds of hours of footage. :) .

This was an amazing experience. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing. I learned so much about people in general and how to read them and talk to them, so many various pieces of knowledge I would never have known, just about our world internationally, and so many other things I can’t even think of them. This was truly the best thing that could have happened to me at this point in my life. I feel ready to take on the world – and then some. I’m so grateful to the people who worked with me and so happy that they were so willing to share their stories with me. It was inspiring in ways they had never intended. I’m such a sap!!!! *hugs computer monitor*. Now I have to go and eat and Eatmore. Because I haven’t eaten enough over the last 20 days………………………………….


Cecia for Docjam-Out.

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